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Residence Meal Plan for Students

Your Residence Meal Plan is divided into two accounts - your Residence $ (tax-exempt) and your Flex $ (taxable).

You can dine in all main campus Residence Dining Halls as well as the Campus Eateries using your Residence $ - with your tax-exempt status. Flex $ can be used to purchase beverages and confectionary items, for on-campus vending, for home delivery and for dining out at specific local establishments.

Running a little low in your Residence or Flex accounts? Top up your account online! All ONLINE deposits will be directed to your Flex account. Once your Residence account is too low to make the next food purchase, $50 will automatically be transferred from the Flex account to the Residence account. If the Flex balance is less than $50, the entire amount will transfer. This will continue until both accounts are at a 0 balance. Or simply visit the Campus Meal Plan Office or Residence Admissions (Room 3C10, Ontario Hall; 519 661-2111 X 83547) during regular office hours.

Looking for more information about your residence meal plan? Click here.

Interested in more information regarding Residence Dining services, hours of operation, calendar of events, etc.? Click here.

Meal Plan Inquiry & Top Up

Open a Flex account, check your balance or top up your Flex $ at any time!

Meal Plan Office Hours

Starting Sept 6, regular office hours resume.

Please top up online or contact for assistance
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